The series, “Learn About The Stock Market” is designed to help you learn about the stock market so you can have intelligent conversations with your advisors and friends.

  • Learn About The Stock Market-Odd Lot Theory
    When I first started to learn about the stock market as a Financial Advisor, I thought I wanted to be a stock picker.  I knew I had much  to learn about the stock market, but I had about $5,000 in my IRA and wanted to prove myself.  I looked for a stock that was on the rise and had familiar products.  I bought 56 shares of Apple stock at $87 a share.  The stock had been on the rise and had fallen.  I was positive it would rise again.  Shortly after I bought the stock, it rose 20% and I
  • Learn About The Stock Market: Dollar Cost Averaging
    When you have a large sum of money to invest (i.e from a 401k rollover), how do you invest it?  I’m not asking about what stocks or mutual funds you should pick.  When do you buy your investments?  What is the right time?  Over the last two years, the S&P 500 has had months that returned -7.2% to 10.8% (See YCharts).  You can’t time the market, so you’ll need to use dollar cost averaging. In this latest installment of the the “Learn About the Stock Market” series, you will learn about dollar cost averaging and I’ll show you how it
  • Learn About The Stock Market: Rebalancing
    Do you buy low and sell high, or do you buy high and sell low?  You should buy low and sell high so you can make a profit, but what is your strategy? Most investors do not have a solid strategy for buying low and selling high.  Today, in our Learn About the Stock Market Series, we are going to give you a simple strategy to buy low and sell high.  This strategy is also a great stock market risk management tool.  I’m talking about Rebalancing. Rebalancing Defined Rebalancing Your Portfolio:  Review your account on a regular basis to move
  • Learn About the Stock Market (Series): How To Rebalance Your Accounts
    In our last session on Learn About the Stock Market, we defined Rebalancing.  This week, we are going to give you 5 tips on rebalancing your accounts. How To Rebalance Your Accounts – 5 Tips Rebalancing is one of your best tools to manage risk in your investments.  Follow these steps to ensure you are taking a systematic approach to meeting your goals. Rebalance Back To Your Original Intent – In the examples in my previous post, I used the simplest asset allocation strategy of stocks, bonds, and cash.  However, there are others such as sectors (financials, tech, etc), large cap/small cap, growth/value and so on. Whatever allocation you chose to
  • Odd Lot Theory in the Learn About the Stock Market Series
      Welcome to the latest post in our Learn About The Stock Market (Series).  Today we are going to discuss the Odd Lot Theory.  What is the Odd Lot Theory?  How can I use the Odd Lot Theory to make more money? What is the Odd Lot Theory What do you think the biggest difference is between large and small investors? Large, or institutional investors, are professional money managers that buy and sell large amounts of stock.  They work for university endowment funds, state pension funds, and mutual funds.  When large investors buy stock, they purchase in lots of 100 shares of stocks (or
  • 4 Ways to Reduce the Worry of the Fiscal Cliff on your Family
    As I grow older, I worry more and more about my family. I am constantly thinking, “What if something goes wrong, how would our family deal with it?” These thoughts are bolstered by waking up every morning with news anchors talking about the fiscal cliff, debt ceilings, and government shutdowns.  While I still worry, we are very well prepared.  Here are some of the things my wife and I do to lower our risk as a family. How To Reduce The Worry of the Fiscal Cliff Keep Your Paycheck the Same – When I started my current job five years