Jake Posey

Do you have questions about your finances but just don’t have time to research them because you wake up in the morning, get the kids to daycare and school, go to work, leave work, pick up the kids, get home, feed the dog, make dinner, take care of baths, do homework, and read bedtime stories?

This site is tailor made for busy families who don’t have time to read the Wall Street Journal, watch Suze Orman, or read a 20 minute blog post. You will get quick and easy answers to your questions and keep up to date on financial topics that affect your family.

If you are an expert, you won’t’ get much out of this site.  However, if you have had some exposure to financial topics, but don’t consider yourself to be an expert, you have found the right place.

Imagine that you are at a friend’s kid’s birthday party.  The children are running amuck and you are chatting with one of the other parents.  She mentions that she just left her job and got a letter that says she must rollover her401k or else she will be sent a check.  She has no idea what to do.  After reading just a few short articles on this site, you will know exactly what to do and can share your knowledge.

My name is Jake Posey and I am a busy father, husband and think about money way too much.  I am a former financial advisor and have taught personal finance at a local college.  I’m currently working in a managment position at a large national bank and teaching business courses at the college level.  (You can see what my students say about me at RateMyProfessors.com.

As a Financial Advisor, I learned to appreciate that everyone has their own unique relationship with money and therefore, no one size fits all model will work for you.  Extremist viewpoints don’t sit well with me either.  For example, most financial professionals, would have a heart attack if they find out you are getting a tax refund.  I’m different.  I believe that if you have trouble keeping your hands off of your savings, then getting a big tax refund each year can be a great tool in helping you reach your goals.

My wife and I have figured out a good balance when it comes to managing our money together and I have set up a system to teach my daughter how to appreciate money.  Instead of saying, “I want that,” my daughter asks if she has enough money saved up to buy something…at five years old!

TPS Reports

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