Raising Responsible Kids – What CEOs Can Teach Us

Raising Responsible Kids

Raising Kids is hard and raising responsible kids can seem almost impossible in this day and age.

Growing up, my family had next to nothing.  But today, all of my needs and most of my wants are covered.  My greatest fear before having my first child was that she would not be able to appreciate the simple things in life that on which you cannot put a price.

I have raised a daughter that often melts my heart with acts of kindness and generosity.  If you are thinking that I have a child who says please and thank you all the time, never throws a fit because I say no to her, and will stop playing with a toy and give it to a friend at the drop of a hat – please, come back from la-la land.  The truth is that I am frequently frustrated as a parent and put my pants on one leg at a time as well.  However, she gets it right much of the time.

Here are a few quotes from interviews and shows over the years that guided me in raising responsible kids.

Raising Responsible Kids with Howard Schultz

Oprah WinfreyHow to you raise, ambitious, kind, and gracious children when they have had access to everything?  How do you keep them grounded?

Howard Schultz, Founder and CEO of Starbucks – First, I would like to say the honesty and truth that I talk about in raising a business, I think it is more important at home than it is in the corporate world.  So our kids have understood from day one that this is a privilege and a responsibility and you have to earn it.  And nothing is going to be given without service and responsibility.  Both our kids are working.  Both our kids are contributing to society and I think that is probably the proudest thing I can say.  I give their mother, Sherry, all the credit in the world because it is her that is the glue in all of this.  

What you can learn – Just because you earn money, doesn’t mean that it belongs to your kids. They, like you, have to earn their way in life.  Give your kids a way to earn an allowance and make them use their own money to buy their “toys”.  When kids are younger, make sure that they help out with chores around the house, volunteer their time alongside you and your spouse, and make sure to give your spouse credit in front of your kids.  Watch the interview at http://www.oprah.com/own-super-soul-sunday/Full-Episode-Oprah-and-Starbucks-CEO-Howard-Schultz-Video

Raising Responsible Kids with Warren Buffett

Forbes Magazine: Warren, let’s start with you. How do the very affluent raise children to share their values? How did you do this in your family? You’ve successfully raised three children who are very active in philanthropy.

Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathaway: Our kids had a very normal growing-up. I mean, they’ve only and I’ve only lived in one primary house that I’ve owned in my life, and I bought that in 1958. So they did not see us moving into progressively fancier houses; they did not ride in private planes. They went to school on the bus. Every member of the Buffett family in Omaha has gone to a public school. They went to the same school that their mother had gone to. They went to the same high school that she’d gone to.

What you can learn – If you don’t want your kids to live an entitled life, then don’t live one yourself.  You don’t have to always have a new car, keep moving to bigger and bigger houses, and buy everything you see.  Say this phrase in front of your kids, “I’d love to buy that, but it is not in the budget for this month?”  Say no to yourself as well as your kids.  Read more at http://www.forbes.com/sites/kerryadolan/2013/09/17/buffett-family-values-how-to-raise-well-grounded-heirs/


Raising Responsible Kids with Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur and Owner of the Dallas Mavericks Basketball Team - “My kids are still young. The oldest is 8,” Cuban told Forbes. “We are doing our best to make sure they are grounded. But it literally scares the shit out of me that they will grow up feeling entitled.”

Cuban and his wife try to hedge against this by giving their children as normal a childhood experience as possible. His best advice: “To spend as much time as possible with no one else around,” he says. “We don’t have any help over the weekend so we can do our best to be just like any other family.”

What you can learn – Don’t hire out your parental duties.  It is okay to have help when you cannot be around, but having a nanny when one, or especially both, of you are around, that is just lazy parenting that will lead to disconnected kids.  Read more at http://www.forbes.com/sites/erincarlyle/2012/06/15/billionaire-advice-how-to-not-raise-spoiled-kids/


Raising Responsible Kids with YOU

Just because these individuals have money and a title does not mean that they are the best parents in the world.  What advice do you have on raising responsible kids?  Tell us in the comments section below.


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