5 Gifts For Yourself That Will Save You Money Too

After you have been married for several years, gifts take on a different flavor.  I remember that for our first Christmas, my wife found a little Tiffany Blue Box under the tree.  These days, we are a bit more practical and even buy gifts for ourselves.  I’m not here to pass judgment, just give you some ideas.


Gifts For Yourself That Will Save You Money

Gifts That Save You Money - Thermostat


Wi-Fi Thermostat – I’m a geek and love my gadgets.  When my thermostat went out, I bought a wi-fi programmable thermostat from Honeywell.  The key to saving you money is the programmable part.  I can turn the AC or Heat off during the day while we are gone and have the house at just the right temperature when I walk in the door.  If your thermostat breaks, replace it with a wi-fi programmable model.  This Honeywell model comes with an app that allows you to control it from anywhere.  Last year, I went on vacation and forgot to turn the thermostat down.  I logged in from the road and set my thermostat.  This capability saved me $30 on my electric bill that month…and it was flipping cool.  

Tip – While the Next Model (the little blue one) looks awesome, I do not recommend it.  First it cost twice as much as most other models.  Second, it is small and round.  When you take your old thermostat off the wall, you will likely notice the lack of paint behind it.  If you buy the Next, you will need to repaint the wall.

Gifts That Save You Money - Shoe Dryer

Shoe Dryer – All of my shoes for work are leather.  Over the years, I have inched up more and more in price.  My last pair cost $90 and a slight heart attack.  My problem is that after about a year, my leather shoes start to smell like sweat.  I’ve tried Lysol and Fabreze, but neither worked.  So, I got a shoe dryer.  When my shoes start to smell like sweat, I put them on the shoe dryer over night and the smell is gone.  My shoes last several years now instead of 8-9 months.  We keep this in our bathroom and when I am not using it for shoes, we place it under our towels and it keeps them from smelling like mildew between washes.  

Gifts That Save You Money - Keurig My K-Cup
Keurig My K Cup – My K-Cup saves me a hundred dollars a month in lattes.  We love our Keurig but hate the expensive K-Cups.  If I want to pay a buck for a cup of coffee, I’ll order a cup at Starbucks.  That is where the Keurig My K Cup comes in.  It is a mini coffee filter that lets you use any ground coffee in your Keurig machine.  Since it is reusable, it is also environmental friendly (Those K-Cups cannot be recycled).  Pick up a bottle brush for easy cleaning.  Don’t forget to check out my article on how to make a latte at home.

Gifts That Save You Money - Lunch Box

Lunch Box – Eating out everyday costs a lot of money.  There is an alternative – taking your lunch.  Taking your lunch everyday can save you up to $300 a month.  It can also help you lose weight.  Get a good lunch box that makes you feel good about yourself for encouragement  to take your lunch everyday.  A man never wants to be stuck taking a Hello Kitty lunch bag to work.  Don’t worry, though, you should treat yourself and still eat out once a week.  Click here to get some tips on saving money dining out.

Gifts That Save You Money - Golf Ball Retriever


Golf Ball Retriever – Do you have a golfer in your life?  While they won’t admit it, he or she will lose a ball or two during a round of golf.  Those golf balls are getting more and more expensive – $2 or more a ball.  Get your golfer a golf ball retriever and he/she can retrieve golf balls from the lake and thick brush.  Better yet, he/she can retrieve someone else’s ball and never have to buy golf balls again.


Thanks for joining me to get some gift ideas for yourself that will help you save money.  If you have any ideas, I’d like to hear about them in the comments section below.




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