Why I Am Thankful

Thank you

On this special Thanksgiving Day posting, I want to tell you why I am thankful this year and offer a side dish of advice.

  1. My Dad – I lost my Dad, Leighton Posey, this past year and I am very thankful for the all the love he gave me and lessons he taught me.  Growing up, my five siblings and I were raised by a single mother.  When my parents got married, my Dad not only took on a wife, but six kids as well.  Yes, even I think he was a bit crazy for that.  But my Dad also had the biggest heart and he taught us kids that hard work and giving back were the two staples of life.  Every great memory I have of my Dad is when we were either working together or helping someone.  Now that my Dad is in heaven, I feel like I can talk to him anytime.  I love you Dad.
  2. My Mom – Being raised by a single mother for the first half of my life was a lot of fun.  You would think that with all the stress she faced that every moment would be very tense.  But it was not.  My mom figured out how to spend time with each of us and make a ton of special memories.  She took the end of the month when money was tight and threw toast and tea parties for us at dinnertime.  She went shopping once a month and we all got a candy bar for helping put away the groceries.  I even remember Friday nights where she would make each of us our own personal pizza and we would all sit down to watch Heart to Heart together.  Mostly though, she taught me that you can be happy with very little and it does not take “stuff” to make you happy.  To this day, my wife and I try to spend more money on doing something with our daughter rather than buying her something.  Thanks for all the great memories Mom.
  3. My Wife – When it comes to wives, I hit the jackpot.  I married one of the smartest, most beautiful, and loving women on this planet who is my missing piece (with the good ending).  She is an outstanding mother and encourages me to be a better husband, father, and person every day.  It is because of her discipline and money management that we are about to move into our dream home in our dream neighborhood.  With her sense of caution and my appetite for risk, our partnership has allowed us to take some very good balanced risks that have paid off big time.  I even got a great Mother and Father-In-Law who are always willing to help and provide support.  She will always have my heart and I will try to be a better person everyday because of her.
  4. My Daughter – My daughter is growing up quickly and brings a mountain of joy into my life.  I love when she asks me “why” or “what does ___ mean?”  She enables me to look at life through the eyes of a child and life is so much better from that viewpoint.  My favorite part of everyday is when I pick her up from school.  My long term savings goals are much more vivid now that she is in my life.  I love my little Nugget.
  5. My Faith – Losing my Dad this year made me realize how much I depend on my faith and God.  I have prayed more this year than any other in my life and, for all of its ups and downs, it has been the greatest year of my life.  Having a strong foundation in faith has helped me worry less about money and have more confidence in my decisions.  In the end though when all the research is done, there are just some factors you cannot control.  You can either get stomach ulcers worrying or put your faith in God that things will work out and be thankful for what you have.
  6. My Family, Friends, and Neighbors – No matter if times are good or bad, you need a good support structure in your life.  I have 5 wonderful brothers and sisters that allow me to lean on them when I’m in need.  I can call any one of them to talk through a problem and receive encouragement.  As far as personalities go, they run the gamut in my family and that allows me to draw upon each when I need it.  Because my family is spread across the country, I have come to rely on our friends too.  Whether it is watching football together, going to the beach, or having a game night, my friends provide much needed love and support.  Even though I see my friends only once or twice a week, I see my neighbors almost every day.  I have the best neighbors in the world, especially Bruce who lives across the street.  He is always there to lend a hand, have a driveway conversation or offer up a beer.
  7. My Readers – This site has been live for seven months and we are now seeing over 1,000 unique visitors a month.  Wow.  Thank you! I’ve received some great ideas and advice from my readers and I think of you every time I sit down to write.  I know you are all as busy as I am and finances can be a daunting, time-consuming task.  I want to help you better understand money and reach all of your goals.  Thank you for all of encouragement and feedback.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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