5 Family Gifts That Save Money

As your family grows each year, gifts can take on many different flavors.  This year, resolve to buy gifts for your family that will save you money and bring you closer together.  Here are 5 ideas.

5 Gifts For The Family That Will Save You Money


Gifts That Save You Money - Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Membership - My wife and I love Amazon Prime.  We have a Roku player that allows us to watch free movies and television shows, we get free books on the Kindle, and Free two-day shipping.  Let’s face it, you can find some good deals online, until you factor in the shipping.  With Amazon Prime, you get the good deal, free shipping, and it arrives at your door two days  later.  When it comes to free movies, it has many of the same free streaming movies as Netflix, but it also has a fair amount of different movies making it a nice compliment to Netflix.

Gifts That Save You Money - Board Games

Board Games – Growing up, my siblings and I played lots of board games.  We had the classics in the closet and played them often – Monopoly, Sorry, Candy Land, and cards.  We spent more time with board games than any other toy.  You can save money by replacing a night of eating out with the kids with a Frozen Pizza and a board game.  You will save $40 on dinner and get to spend some quality time with your kids.  Might I recommend Monopoly so you can teach your kids about money and investing.


Gifts That Save You Money - Chromecast

ChromeCast - Spending time with your kids gets harder and harder as they grow older.  This is mainly because they get an opinion.  They want to wear what they want to wear and watch what they want to watch.  You can either fight them or join them.  The ChromeCast gives you a way to join them.  Watch what they watch and listen to what they listen to.  The ChromeCast allows you to stream video and music to your television using your computer, tablet or phone.  It also supports Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and YouTube.  It is easy to set up and can help you bond with your kids.


Gifts That Save You Money - Home Gym

Home Gym – On vacation last year, my 5 year old wanted to go to the gym with me in the condo everyday.  Back at home, she still wanted to go with me, but she couldn’t because she was under 16 years old.  We need to build good habits with our kids and a home gym is a great step.  Do you have an extra room that is not getting regular use?  I know we have a guest bedroom that has been used only a couple of times in the last 10 years.  Cancel the gym membership and build a home gym by buying a treadmill or elliptical, some dumbbells and a bench, and a flat screen television.  You will start seeing a return on your money after about a year.  Best of all, everyone in your family can use it and spend time together.


Gifts That Save You Money - Fit Bit

Fit Bit – Moving around is good for you and your family – so is a little sibling rivalry and competition.  Buy your family fit bits this year and they can get social about being healthy.  A Fit Bit tracks your movement and sleep.  As a special bonus, it serves as an alarm clock for your kids.  There are a ton of apps that work with the Fit Bit as well – everything from MyFitnessPal to Walgreens.  See a full list at their website.  At my wife’s company, her health insurance provider gives discounts and rewards to employees who track their fitness.  She uses a Fit Bit and it automatically updates their website.

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