Make a Latte with a Keurig

Ways to Save - Make a Latte At Home

I love to save money and I am always looking for ways to save.  However, I love Starbucks Lattes and this can get expensive.  Five years ago, I started making lattes at home and have saved thousands of dollars.  Here is how you can save money by making lattes at home.

Ways to Save – What Do I Need to Make a Latte at Home

You will need only a few items to make lattes at home and you may already have some of these.

  1. Espresso – You can pick up espresso at your local supermarket or at a coffee shop.  At your local supermarket, I recommend Pilon or Cafe Bustelo espresso.  I personally enjoy Publix store brand espresso (a supermarket in the Southeast).  If you pick it up at a coffee shop, ask them to grind it finely.
  2. Milk – Use your preferred milk.
  3. A Way to Make the Espresso - You need a way to brew the espresso.  You can use an espresso machine, but I recommend using a Keurig machine.  I’ve gone through about five $50-$80 espresso machines over the past five years.  I like them, but they are noisy and tend to wear out.  After my last  espresso machine broke, I tried making espresso in my wife’s  Keurig machine.  The coffee was slightly weaker, but the machine was faster and quieter.  If you get a  Keurig machine, you will need a My K-Cup in which to put your espresso.
  4. Milk Frother – Once your coffee is brewed, you will need to froth your milk.  If you are using an espresso machine, they come with a milk frother.  You can buy a cheap frother (the red item in the picture) if you are using the Keurig machine.  Click here to see an example.
  5. Coffee cup - Pick your favorite, but make sure it is microwave safe – no need to buy a new one.

Ways to Save – A Step-By-Step Guide to Make a Latte at Home

For this tutorial, I am going to walk you through how to make a latte at home using a Keurig machine.

  1. Follow the instructions on your Keurig machine to make a cup of coffee.  Instead of using a K-cup, use the My K-Cup and fill it to the top with the espresso of your choice.  Brew the smallest cup size.
  2. Fill your microwave safe coffee cup to the halfway point with milk – do not use than one cup of milk.  Add any sugar, sweetener or other flavors at this time.
  3. Froth your milk by sticking the frother about a half inch under the surface.  Turn the frother on and move it around in the cup until the froth in your milk is to your liking.  Turn the frother off before you remove it from the milk or you will have a big mess to clean.  You can watch a video on YouTube on how to froth milk by clicking here.
  4. Once your milk if frothed, you need to heat it up.  Put it in the microwave for one minute. You can adjust the time to suit your microwave and temperature preferences.
  5. Add your brewed espresso to your milk, stir and enjoy.

Following the directions above, you can either make one latte (great for travel mugs) or split it into two lattes.  Pour two cups of milk and double the microwave time when making two lattes.  Choose the largest cup size when brewing the coffee.

Do you have any Tips on Ways to Save Money.  Leave a comment below and tell us Ways To Save Money.

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