Ways To Save On Groceries – I Was Surprised

Ways to Save on Groceries - Cheese

I always look for a deal…a very good deal.  I am the type of person who cringes over spending more than $4 for a t-shirt.  So, I get excited when I find ways to save money that surprise me.

Ways To Save – This One Surprised Me

I ran to Target to buy some milk a few nights ago.  I generally don’t look around too much at Target, but an end cap caught my eye on the way back to the milk.

An end cap is a display at the end of the isle.  This is prime real estate in the retail business and companies pay a lot to have their products placed at the end cap.

I walked up to the end cap and it was filled with sliced and shredded cheese.  All the slots were filled with Kraft brand products except for one.  Sargento Cheese filled that slot.  The prices were the same for the sliced cheese.   My surprise came when I looked closely.  Sargento cheese offered 20 slices for the same price of Kraft cheese’s 10 slices.

Is this a good deal?  If you look closely, the packages have the same amount of cheese – 8 oz each.  This is a great deal and here is why!

Here are the Ways to Save on Groceries

Strategic grocery buys are great ways to save.  Here is how I benefited.

  1. The cheese with twice as many slices will last my family longer.  Even though each Sargento slice is thinner than each Kraft slice, I get twice as much when it comes to the number of slices.  In reality, I will get the same amount of cheese flavor on each sandwich with the thinner slice.
  2. I save calories.  I eat too much food.  The Sargento slices are half the calories of the Kraft slices.  Unless I eat twice as many slices, I will save on my waist line.

Watch Out For Deception When Looking For Ways To Save

When looking for ways to save at the grocery store, you need to also watch out for deception.  Marketers will use packaging and colors to try to trick you.  For example, at my local grocery store, Kraft has many different packages of shredded cheese.  For the most part, packages look exactly the same.  However, there is one small difference – the amount of cheese in each package.  Most packages have 8 ounces of cheese, but a few of the packages have 7 ounces of cheese.  They sell you less cheese for the same price.

Ways to Save for Savvy Shoppers

Grocery stores are great ways to save for savvy shoppers. Look closely and you can save money that will really add up.  Here are three tips that I will cover in future articles as a parting gift:

  1. Look at the price per unit.  Grocery price labels will often have a price per ounce.  Use this to compare different brands and package sizes.
  2. Ask the butcher to cut your meat down to the correct size.  Most grocery stores sell ground meat that is just over the 1 pound weight point.  How many times have you bought 1.17 pounds of ground meat.
  3. Organic is not always necessary.  Buying organic is very expensive and can deliver some health benefits.  However, it is not always necessary to buy organic.

Thank you for joining me in this installment of Ways To Save at the Grocery Store.  For more ways to save, click here to check out theses other articles.

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