How to Save Money – 7 Ways I Saved $73

How to Save Money

In the month of May, I asked myself, How To Save Money?  From that question, I developed a How To Save Money  Game.  Here are the ways I saved $73 throughout the month without any large sacrifices.

How To Save Money – 7 Ways

  1. Eat Dessert At Home.  One date night, we looked at the dessert menu after our meal. The dessert was going to cost at least $9.  I asked, “How To Save Money?” My wife suggested that we stop by Target on the way home and grab something out of the freezer section.  We bought ice cream sandwiches and had dessert that night and again later that week.  Savings = $4
  2. Get Water Instead of Soda.  We don’t drink soda at home, so I like to get Diet Coke when I go out to eat.  I pledged for the entire month that I would order free water instead of soda at restaurants   I cheated a few times, but for the most part, I stuck to the plan.  This also made me realize that I eat out way too often.  Savings = $18
  3. Used Coupons.  The credit for this goes entirely to my wife.  Every Sunday she goes through the paper and clips coupons for me to use at the grocery store and Target.  Savings = $11
  4. Plan Activities Strategically.  My wife, daughter and mother-in-law went out of town for the weekend.  When they take their weekend trips, I try to spend time with my father-in-law who does a lot for us.  He is a big movie fan, so I took him to a movie.  In looking at the movie times, I chose to go at the cheapest time of the day, which was between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  The movie cost us $11 instead of $17.  Savings = $5
  5. Go Low Tech.  Every Sunday night we try to do a movie night with our daughter.  We decided to rent a movie from Amazon because we are Amazon Prime Members.  We searched for Wreck-It Ralph and found the digital rental for $3.99 and the HD rental for $4.99.  Since we were watching the movie on a 32 inch Flat Screen, there was no need to get the HD version for a cartoon movie.  Savings = $5
  6. Choose the Cheaper Restaurant.  A new restaurant opened down the street and I have been wanting to try it.  I am a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters and was taking my Little out for breakfast.  One of the things I enjoy about being a big is I get to do things with him that I would not normally do (like throwing a football around in the park or trying a new restaurant for breakfast).  However, I got some buy one get one free coupons from McDonalds earlier in the week.  I asked, “How to Save Money?”  I took him to McDonalds instead and spent just under $6 instead of the $25 I would have spent at the new restaurant.  Savings = $17
  7. Order Less Food.  Early in the month, we took our daughter to a bakery when our Saturday morning activity was rained out.  We decided to share two items instead of ordering three items – one for each of us.  The next weekend on Mother’s Day, we went to a steakhouse where I was going to order ribs.  I was all ready to order my full rack of ribs, when at the last minute, I ordered a half rack of ribs instead.  Savings $13
During the month I learned that I could save a large amount of money by just cutting back on some little things.  I also learned I eat out way too much…I’ll tackle that in a future post.
Do you have any Tips on How To Save Money.  Leave a comment below and tell us How To Save Money.

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